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Who do you say I am?

Who do you say I am? pixAnd you? Who do you say I am?

Text: Mark 8:29: And you, who do you say I am? You are the Christ,” said Peter.

Jesus had previously asked what others were saying about him. The disciples were quick to respond: “Some say that John the Baptist, others that Elijah, and others that one of the prophets.” Sometimes it is effortless to speak what others say, but it is more difficult to say what we really think. When Jesus asked the disciples the same question, just inspired by the Holy Spirit, Peter answered: “You are the Christ.”
What do our attitudes say about Jesus? What do we say about Christ with our deeds? When we indeed confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, God is revealed in us. Our facts must confirm what comes out of our mouth. When our attitude points towards God, it is as if we are shouting loud and clear that Jesus is the Christ, who transforms lives and who began his work in us.

Jesus is the Christ!

  • Read a New Testament Gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John). Read about what Jesus did, his miracles, his sacrifice, and his victory over death.
  • Examine yourself! If you remember that you did something that did not please God, ask forgiveness. He is powerful and benevolent to forgive.
  • Pray! Tell Jesus who He is in your life.

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Lord Jesus! You are the savior of my life and the finisher of my faith. Forgive me for the moments when I had attitudes that did not point towards You. I want to obey your word, walk in your ways, and be an instrument in your hands. You are the Christ! Amen.

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