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To be peaceful is to be blessed

To be peaceful is to be blessed

Text: Matthew 5: 9: Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

In the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 5, Jesus climbed to the top of a hill and began to teach the people. At one point, Jesus spoke about the beatitudes and pointed to the one who promotes peace as a blessed one. In a world of surfaced passions, to be a peacemaker – besides being wise – is to be a child of God.
In continuing with the sermon, Jesus spoke about the importance of reconciliation. Many times, whether we are right or wrong, shaking hands is a difficult task. But as Jesus said, it is better to make peace as quickly as possible because the consequences of waiting are much worse.
People are more aggressive every day and are altered for any reason. Attitudes like these can cause injuries and contaminate us. Keep calm; put your eyes on Christ. He is the Prince of Peace! Jesus was a peacemaker throughout his career on earth even in difficult and turbulent times. And He wants you to also portray the same nature before the people.

How to be a peacemaker:

  • What drives you crazy? Try to get away from the situations that lead you to sin. Knowing how to identify those moments will bring you maturity.
  • Whenever there is a discussion, respond with moderation and balance.
  • Ask for wisdom and discernment from God. Seek the Holy Spirit.
  • Understand that when you are peaceful you are blessed.

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Lord Jesus, I want to learn more from you! Teach me to be kind and peaceful. Forgive the times when I was rude and ignorant to my neighbor. I want to have another attitude from today. In the name of Jesus, amen.

One year Bible reading plan: Day 40 – Exodus 30-32

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