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The Savor of salt

The savour of salt pix


Text: Job 6:6-7

In verse 6, Job asked two questions:
1. Who can eat the food that is not naturally tasty without adding salt?
2. Is there any taste in the white part of an egg?
The answer to the two questions is NO.
Naturally, some foods are tasty without the need for salt.
Can you give examples of such? Pineapple and pawpaw don’t need salt, likewise sweet potato. But rice, beans, and soup need salt to be eaten satisfactorily.

Imagine eating with soup, having no salt at all!

Job went on to say that there is no taste in the white part of an egg. Do you agree with him? Of course, he is right.
Let me ask you a straightforward question: “Can you go every day with tasteless food?” Of course not.
Job likened whatever his soul refuses or hates to sorrowful meat Job 6:7.
No matter how hungry you are, you will ignore the food you hate. Therefore, you should not allow the happenings or situations surrounding you to make you do the wrong.

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The Lessons

  1. Salt is a seasoning for whatever is naturally tasteless. When an offer is placed before you have no salt, introduce your salt to it! How? Somebody says you must give a bribe before a favor, and you insist it should be done without bribe; otherwise, you can’t eat the food.
  2. The white part of an egg looks beautiful and desirable, but it has no taste. It is like the whited sepulcher that looks beautiful outwardly, but inwardly, it is filled with mess! We are not acceptable to God if we look beautiful and desirable outwardly without any taste in us! The taste is the life of God depicting holiness.
  3. We must not trade our saltiness for any worldly desires no matter what?
  4. The whole egg is the white part with the yolk (yellow). The outer part (white) is beautiful and desirable, while the inward part (yolk) is sweet.Christ’s yoke is easy and sweet, adding value to our life (Matt.11:29).We need the yolk or yoke of righteousness, the yoke of right living, the yoke of truth, the yoke of purity, and the yoke of chastity to make us retain our candidacy in heaven. Keep yourself pure!
  5. The deception in the whiteness of an egg lies in color. Even when it is rotten, the color will still be white! Whereas it is gone! Are you as holy as people think you are, judging by your appearance?

    May you not lose your sweetness!

    No matter the physical gain a proposal has for you, never eat sorrowful meat! That is food without salt. Job 6:7
    In politics, if you’re vying for a political post, you must first resign your Job before you can be allowed to contest. That’s leaving the known for the unknown. Anything the devil offers to children of God is in exchange for the salt in them.
    Be determined never to lose your sweetness!

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This article, The savor of salt was written by: Pastor Taiwo Fagbewasa

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