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The Church Amidst Coronavirus

Church in the midst of CoronavirusThe Church Amidst Coronavirus

By now, everyone should be informed about the coronavirus (COVID-19). While the immediate concerns are real and require wisdom, prayer, and action by individuals, governments, and organizations, I was thinking about the long-term impact on society at large.
History teaches us that events that are significant enough to impact and disrupt daily life often lead to innovation and new ways of achieving or re-clarifying the same objectives. These things happen, no matter how painful at the time; but what remains, in the end, is the legacy in people’s behavior and in society. Right now, we are seeing events being canceled, ways of working are changing, and many people are questioning what really matters. It is moments like these that force us to reflect on the main ideas that led us to our current ways of doing things.
As Christians and members of the church, we are not exempt from this current disruption. In fact, COVID-19 has affected us from gathering together in our various churches in different parts of the world.

How Can we make the church get better During Coronavirus (Covid-19)?

The challenge is that it’s not about the technicalities: whether we should stream services online or add hand sanitizers to each row of chairs. Instead, it’s about having a more in-depth conversation about what it means to be the church and how we can use this phenomenon to learn and discover new ways to achieve goals and help more people than ever before.
Perhaps it is time for us to go back to basics so that we see things differently and help people to experience new ways to know Jesus, grow in their faith, and speak to others with the good news.
What will we learn as we search for short-term solutions to today’s challenges? Perhaps it is more effective to connect an unbeliever to a community online.

Coronavirus (Covid-19):  A great message to the church

The coronavirus is just another reminder that we, the church, have other means of having meaningful conversations about Jesus, regardless of physical limitations and restrictions.

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When all this happens, we cannot expect things to go back to the way they were before. After Christians watch the church service online, will they ever return to their Sunday seat?
Will our short-term solutions affect our own prospects of viewing digital as a ‘plug-in’? Will there be a fundamental change in the way we see people, church meetings, and believing discipleship?
These are questions, but they should not prevent us from taking advantage of these opportunities and reformulating the core ideas of what it means to be the church, rather than wasting energy on ancient methods.
So, let’s take advantage of this incredible opportunity that coronavirus has brought to the church to access people and, with faith and trust in God, let us be led into a new season that has more than we could dream or imagine.

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