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Take good care of your garden

Take care of your garden pix

Take good care of your garden

Text: Genesis 2:15: The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it

When reading the beginning of the Genesis narrative, we see all the care of God in creating the world and in preparing a pleasant space for the well-being of the human being along with nature. In today’s verse, we see that, in addition to enjoying all the beauty and natural resources that God has given us, the man was placed in the garden with the very specific purpose of caring for and cultivating it.
We must ask ourselves if we have had that attitude of obedience and gratitude towards the creation of the Lord. We hear a lot about the concern about pollution, waste of water, global warming. We recognize that several of those harmful effects are caused by human ambition and our misuse of the environment. But we must ask ourselves what practical things can we, the children of God, do to improve the world around us.
Take good care of the garden where God put you:

  • Pray and thank God for the gift of creation. Ask him to help you appreciate and take care of the environment around you.
  • The responsibility for the proper use of the resources we have (water, rivers, vegetation, air, animals, etc.) is not exclusive to organizations or rulers but begins with us in our homes.
  • As a Christian, be a good example of gratitude and takes care of nature in your home, on the street, in the church, in your work, and wherever you go.
  • Watch the attitude that you and your family give to the garbage and those things that can be recycled.
  • Take initiative to brings together brethren and friends to participate in practical initiatives that contribute to environmental improvements.
  • Observe, read, and meditate on the many biblical teachings described from practical experiences with the elements of creation.

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Anchor world for today: Never be part of polluting the environment, it’s an abuse of God’s creation

For Pray:
Dear God, thank you very much for all the beautiful things that you have created and made available to us in this world. Forgive our carelessness and abuse with the resources of nature that you gave us. Help me to take care of my garden, to have a good conscience to preserve and watch over the creation that was created for your glory and for our benefits. In the name of Jesus, amen.

One year Bible reading plan: Day 41 – Exodus 33-35

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