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Rescue your family!

Rescue your family!

Text: Acts 16:31: Believe in the Lord Jesus, so you and your family will be saved, ”they replied.

God loves the family! It was he who established it as the first institution on earth. The problem is that many have removed the Lord from their homes and, as a consequence, have seen their families heading towards failure. The values ​​that should form the family base such as love, trust, respect, dignity, and honor are quickly sold and put aside. That is why the influence of selfishness, the desire for gain and heartbreak grows, breaking down what should have been harmonious, stable, and happy.
Today’s verse takes us to the story of a father who, due to the many problems, was about to commit suicide. By asking Paul and Silas what it was necessary to do to be saved, he obtained this simple answer: “belief in the Lord Jesus, so you and your family will be saved.” An excellent way out for the problems the family faces today: Believing in the Lord Jesus!
God makes possible a new beginning for your family by faith in Jesus. They will be able to live in harmony when they are trustworthy and reliable. Give your life and your family in the hands of the Lord. Only he can restore and transform your home.

Rescue your family by faith

  • God proposes faith to us! It is not faith in any person or thing, but faith in Jesus Christ, his Son. Believe that, with Christ, you can rebuild your home with the peace and joy of the Lord.
  • Accept Christ by faith. Receive Him into your life and open the doors of your house so that He enters and dwells with you.
  • Confess your sins (lies, deceptions, disobedience, betrayal, selfishness, misunderstandings, etc.) and abandon what has damaged harmony and love in your home.
  • Study and share with your family the teachings of the Bible.
  • Love, your family! Turn your home into an environment conducive to peace, prayer, praise, dialogue and care in love.
  • Take responsibility for taking care of your home. God gave you that treasure. Pray continually for your family!

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Anchor word for today: When you failed in your role to Rescue your family, the enemies takes advantage to manipulate the joy and peace of your home.


Lord, our God, and Father thank You for Your love for my family. Help us to overcome all the problems that have led us away from You. Transform and repair what has been broken by the fights, misunderstandings, issues, and disappointments we have had. Heal the wounds we have caused each other. I believe in you, Lord! Save my life and my family! Enter my home and transform our lives. In the name of Jesus, I pray, Amen.

One year bible reading plan: Day 45 – Leviticus 5-7


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