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Rejoice in the Lord!

Rejoice in the Lord! pixRejoice in the Lord!

Text: Philippians 4: 4: Rejoice in the Lord always. I insist: rejoice!

When we read these words, we have the impression that the person who wrote them never experienced difficulties. That ‘impression’ ends when we realize that those words were written by the apostle Paul while incarcerated.
When Paul wrote the letter to the Philippians, he was awaiting his imprisonment in Rome. How can a man have so much strength while going through such a difficult situation? The answer is right in what he wrote: his joy was in the Lord!
Rejoicing in God is a constant thing. He who derives pleasure in rejoicing in the Lord is not hostage to circumstances. Paul knew who he believed in and that strengthened him. His joy was in the Lord, not in the blessings or in the pleasant things. Understanding what God has already done for us makes us feel even more joyful.
God has already done everything for us and that must be the reason for our joy. When we recognize what God has already done, he works and does even more. Trust in the Lord and rejoice in who he is. Your heart will surely be more rested and ready.

How to be glad in the Lord!

  • Praise God with your heart and with your voice. Take advantage of times of praise to rejoice in God.
  • Talk to God in prayer. Take advantage of the moment of prayer to open your heart and rejoice in the Lord.
  • Meditate on the Word of God. Reading what God has done for us increases our joy in him.

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Lord my God, You are sovereign. Nothing can separate me from your perfect love. Your love makes me happy, motivates, and strengthens me. Thank You so much, dear God. In the name of Jesus, amen.

Kehinde Pius

I'm Kehinde Pius, a missionary with a burning passion for the lost. I'm a Church planter, Digital ministry mentors coach, freelance write, and blogger. Pius with his wife reside in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria

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