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Praise the Lord oh my soul!

Praise the Lord oh my soul pixPraise the Lord, oh my soul!

Text: Psalm 103:2; Praise, my soul, the Lord, and do not forget any of its benefits.

Having a grateful heart toward God makes us happier. How many things has the Lord already done for us? How many blessings has He given us? Yes, we have been through difficult times, but God is faithful and protected us. Let us turn our eyes and our memory towards what he has already done in our lives. May we never forget his blessings!
When we have a grateful heart, we are happier and even feel lighter. The reason why many of us are not living healthy is that we don’t know how to praise the Lord for His goodness towards us.
The way we deal with the blessings we received influences the way we conduct our lives. It is difficult for someone who does not recognize the benefits of the Lord to have a joyful heart. God, mercies, and blessings are to motivate us to acknowledge his favor.
God has already given us the greatest of his blessings: salvation in Christ Jesus. May we never forget his great favor and may our soul bless the Lord forever as he loves us.
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Praise the Lord, my soul!

  • Reserve a daily moment during your prayer time to talk to God and thank him.
  • Read the Bible and try to learn more about its teachings.

Ancor word for Today: Before you begin to complain about what God is yet to do for, take time to praise Him for the several He has done.


Lord, thank you for your presence in my life. How many blessings and how much care I have enjoyed from You! My soul is glad to remember how much you have blessed me. Thank you very much, Father. In the name of Jesus. Amen.
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