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Lose to win

Lose to win

Text: Matthew 16: 25-26:  For whoever wants to save their life[a will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it. What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?
Have you ever lost something of value? The truth is that we deal with small losses daily. Once in a while, we miss the time to enter work or school, the means of transport go away, we see how our favorite team loses, we lose money, documents or some critical object.  Anyway, we all face particular measures of various losses during our life. And it’s good that we learn to deal with them. But what happens when we lose something precious? Does it really worth it when we lose ALL to win Christ?
In today’s verses, we see that Jesus alerts us to a loss that is good and necessary: ​​to lose one’s life because of Christ. In the eyes of the world, when we accept Jesus, we are giving up all “independence” we had without him. For many, it is a real madness to live without self-governance. It is like losing your life. But what is the use of “winning the world and losing the soul”? Our soul will only be safe by being with Jesus Christ. Surrender to Jesus and receive the full life with God!
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Lose to earn a living

  • Losing means giving oneself totally to God and live according to the guidance we receive in his Word. This is how we will gain much more than we can imagine.
  • The pleasures and riches of the world are momentary and superficial. Do not exchange everything you can enjoy with the Lord for banal things and worthless for eternity.
  • Read Psalm 73. Do not be envious of how the mundane (people without Christ) live or the things they have. They may seem happy, but their life is empty, without real hope, and their joy is temporary.
  • To lose what seems to be under your control, surrendering that right to Christ, is to gain eternal life and all the grace that comes along with Jesus (Romans 8:32).
  • Share with others that the best we can do in this life is to use it to learn more about Jesus Christ. It may seem that we are losing, but this will result in the most significant gain we can ever get.

Ancor word for Today: What are you willing to lose to win that which is imperishable?

For Pray:

Lord, sometimes I observe the lives of those who do not know You and seem to be moving forward or receiving more joy than Your children. Help me not to be envious of them! I understand that the reality is that they live without faith, without hope and without the best love, which is what comes from You. Thank You for having given Yourself on the cross, for having received my life and for Your care for me. I want to leave my life in your hands every day. In the name of Jesus, amen.
One year Bible reading plan
Day 16 – Genesis 12-15

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