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Learn to pray for the brethren

Learn to pray for the brethren

Text: 1 Thessalonians 5:25: Brethren, pray for us.

We are not self-sufficient. We depend on God and need help from each other. The Christian life is like that, and we cannot conquer much alone. There are times when we need help, and therein lies the importance of having communion and staying close to others. A true friend is next in the battles in prayer and not only in the times of celebration.
Asking for prayer is an exercise in humility. It is to recognize that nothing is conquered alone. Accepting an extended hand does not make us inferior. Receiving help is part of the victory, not defeat. Even the apostle Paul – who wrote more than half of the New Testament – always asked the brothers to help him in prayer. Paul knew how important it was to “fight the good fight” together, both praying for the spiritual growth of the brothers and receiving the prayer of the church. Praying for each other keeps the body of Christ united and makes us walk towards the same goal. When we learn to pray for the brethren, we grow together in victory.
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Start praying for the brethren today:

  • Create the habit of always praying for a brother during your daily prayers.
  • Try to be accessible to siblings. Be willing to listen and extend a hand when asked.
  • When we pray for someone, God fights for us.
  • Praying for the brethren reflects our maturity in the understanding of God’s world and our selfless devotion to others.

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Lord Jesus, today I want to dedicate my prayer to my beloved brethren. Pour your favor on them, light their steps. May your blessings be a cause for praise and adoration in their lives. Amen.
One year Bible reading plan: Day 33 – Exodus 10-12

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