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Healthy Exercises

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Healthy Exercises

Text: 1 John 1: 7: But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all[a] sin.

It has been shown that exercise can help us fight colds and infections in general. The theory behind that is that a well-done exercise session places the body in a condition similar to that in which we find ourselves at the beginning of a fever. That’s not bad since fever is the natural way in which the body defends itself when a virus tries to enter. This increase in body temperature helps our defense system consisting of white blood cells while combating the harmful action caused by viruses and bacteria.
Exercise does the same, injects into our blood chemicals that stimulate the brain to make our temperature rise.
In the first two chapters of 1 John, we are told that in this case, the regular practice of a good spiritual exercise is very beneficial for the health of the soul. This keeps us attentive to avoid sin and makes it easier to obey Jesus. By reading the Bible daily and putting into practice the principles in it, we will find the necessary defense mechanisms to combat the adverse effects of evil.
However, disobedience causes, as it were, a drop in our spiritual temperature. As we move away from God, our communion with Him is interrupted. When we allow sin to enter our lives, the spiritual infection finds the perfect conditions to invade other parts of our lives.

Commit yourself to daily spiritual  exercises

  1. The best program of spiritual healthy exercises lies in combining faith and obedience. Walk with the Lord daily. This will make you have better health for the soul.
  2. If you want a healthy heart, exercise your faith.
  3. Search the Scriptures daily
  4. Make it a daily commitment to share your faith with others

Thank You  Lord Jesus for every platform You have made available for me to be spiritually healthy at all times. Please help me today to put into practice every required healthy exercise needed for my all-round wellness. I pray in Jesus’ name, men.

One year daily Bible reading plan: Day 62 – Numbers 18-20
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