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God makes all things new

God makes all things new pix

God makes all things new

Text: Revelation 21:5:  He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” Then he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.”

The vision of the apostle John described in Revelation reveals a glorious future that awaits all believers who love the Lord with all their hearts. New heavens, new earth, new body, new life in full and eternal communion with God. Christ has prepared that beautiful home for us to be together with him forever. However, even before that time, we can experience new things that God does every day. Thanks to faith we can live the new life that Christ gives.
How is this possible? The Lord is a specialist in restoring all things.  He renews what is broken or without vigor. He ignites the flame of the wick that barely smoked. Prune and sprout the dry and aged tree. Bring light where there is only darkness. Restore the broken heart and the wounded soul. Believe it!

Live the new life with God
  • Let God do something new in you. Jesus told Nicodemus that it was necessary to be born again. Our old sinful nature must die and give way to the life of Christ in us.
  • Reflect on everything that seems stagnant, dark, or dead around you. Ask God to bring new life and experience into them.
  • Pray and give to God the areas of your life that need to be renewed. He wants to transform the reality of your life and your family today.
  • Renew your mind every day: read the Bible daily.
  • Leave the burden of the past at the foot of the cross. God wants to bring relief to your heart.
  • Take the risk of obeying God in everything. He will surprise you every day with the blessings he has prepared for you.

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Lord, thank you very much for the new life that we can already experience with you here and now, and the new life we ​​will enjoy in eternity, which cannot be compared to anything. Forgive me if I have crammed my mind and heart with bad things from the past. Help me to live a new story with you, Lord, through the new things you have done. Give new life and encouragement to those who faint without hope. Bring on my family, friends, and church the new life that you already have for us, Amen.

Bible reading in one year: Day 43 – Exodus 39-40


Kehinde Pius

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