Daily Devotion

What is the daily Devotion- 2 TIM.3:16-17
Our strength as Christians depends absolutely on our dependence on Christ, our Master, and Savior. Many Christians today are not experiencing daily victory over the flesh and the world simply because they depend solely on Sunday-Sunday nourishment, neglecting their personal fellowship with Christ. A Christian’s intimate fellowship rests on his/her personal devotion, which includes his Bible Study and Quiet Time.
To some, it is not that they don’t desire to fellowship with God, but they just can figure out how. That is why we believe our daily devotion will significantly help you experience Him through His word daily.
How to observe the daily Devotion
Daily Devotional is a crucial part of each day dedicated to fellowship with God through His word- The Bible and prayer.  It is a time of in-depth discovery in the word of God and spiritual nourishment.
You will achieve this by separating a moment each day to fellowship with the Lord.
During your daily  Devotion,  commit time to read the Bible and meditate on the text. And to trust God to help you apply those lessons in your life. In the end, you can pray.

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