Character Development

Signs of Abuse in a Child

Signs of Abuse in a Child Many different types of abuse can be inflicted on a child; however, certain red flags could indicate that the child is being abused. One sign would be unexplainable bruising or other physical injuries. Another sign could be that the child is no longer going to school regularly. It may …

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Child Abuse and how to prevent it

What is child abuse? It simply is the misuse or perversion of children. It occurs when children are handed unjustly or corruptly by adults in society either verbally, physically, or emotionally. Child abuse takes different forms in different cultures under different situations due to a variety of beliefs and practices. This abuse can happen in …

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The Savor of salt

THE SAVOR OF SALT Text: Job 6:6-7 In verse 6, Job asked two questions: 1. Who can eat the food that is not naturally tasty without adding salt? 2. Is there any taste in the white part of an egg? The answer to the two questions is NO. Naturally, some foods are tasty without the …

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