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Be strong in the Lord

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Be strong in the Lord

Text: Ephesians 6:10: Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.
In our daily lives, we see people who are on their way to the gym to do physical exercises. They go with their sportswear and good looks, but many of those seemingly strong people are spiritually weak and psychologically fragile.
Just as the body needs exercise regularly, our spirit needs to be fed and our faith exercised so as to be strong in the Lord. If we do not exercise we atrophy, as happens with faith when it is not stimulated. That is why we must strengthen our faith daily.
So how can I strengthen the muscles of my faith? Just as an athlete must lift a weight and work to the limit to improve in the sport, God works with us allowing challenges in our lives that demand resistance, effort, and faith. The main supplement to our faith is to hear and read the word of God.
In the Bible, we strengthen ourselves in the Lord to be able to withstand what is presented to us for our growth in Christ. Jesus is our coach, and he does not put more weight than we can bear. That is why we must strengthen, focus and have faith. Remember that he endured everything and defeated the world. There is no one stronger than our God.


  • Create the healthy habit of reading the Bible. It is the fuel that will hydrate you when you are thirsty because of the weight you carry.
  • Exercise together, and this is always better. Seek to be in communion, actively participate in your church. When we share our faith, we strengthen ourselves.
  • Do not forget to sweat in prayer. Talk to God Do not spare your efforts in seeking the Lord. He responds and loves those who seek him in spirit and truth.

Anchor word for Today: No matter your challenge, be strong in the Lord


Lord Jesus, teach me to grow in your ways. In your name is all the strength and power. Pour out your Spirit in my life. In the name of Jesus, amen.

One year Bible reading plan
Day 20 – Genesis 25-26


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