Apostle Joshua Selman Bio: Age, Wife, Koinonia Ministry, Messages, quotes and net worth

Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman bio: Age, Ministry, Messages, and quotes

Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmack is a Nigerian born and bred televangelist with an unequal volume of revelation that has earned him an excellent reputation locally and internationally in the gospel cycle. He founded International Infinity Network (ENI) ministry, which he leads as its president since its inception in 2011.


Selman, born on the 25th of June 1980, is turning 41 this year.


He had his University education from Ahmadu Bello University,  Zaria, Nigeria.


Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak is the senior pastor of the Church of the Christ Gospel, Samaturu Zaria, Kaduna, in Nigeria. From childhood, Joshua Selman had cultivated special love for God. While other kids played around, the little Selman will sit with the word of God, drawing treasure that will soon set him in the years to come. He already knew what Ahmadu Bello University was when he was a little boy, and someday he dreamed of ministering the Word of God at university. These dreams all came true
His ministry Eternity Network International ENI is a ministry committed to transforming lives by revealing several mysterious dimensions of God through worship and scriptural decoding. International Eternity Network outreach is organized every Friday, in Zaria, Kaduna, state, and this allows people to meet God in a different dimension.

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Marital Status/Wife

Currently, Apostle Josua Selma is not yet married. He travels a lot within and outside Nigeria to transform lives and help others realize God’s dimensions through the undiluted revelation of the word of God
According to Apostle Selman, his love is God. And for the love of God, like Paul, the Apostle in the Bible (Philippians 3:7), he is ready to let go of everything, like women, marriage, money, etc.

Apostle Selman Net wort in 2021

This anointed man of God is at the moment estimated to the net worth of $450,000 which come as God’s blessing through his various ministration in different churches within and outside Nigeria and gifts from those who had benefited from his ministry

Apostle Joshua Selman’s quotes

Apostle Joshua is, of no doubt, one of the blessings to the kingdom of God in this age. As a mentor to several people, young and old alike, his words are always deep that you want to hear it again and again. There are tons of Selman quotes trending both online and offline, and some of them are:

  • The primary determinant for receiving from God is the purity and sincerity of your heart.
  • A change in pattern equals a change in result.
  • The word of God is the mechanism that builds faith.
  • If You Wear Tomorrow’s Cloth Today, You Will Walk Naked Tomorrow. If You Eat Tomorrow’s Food Today, You will Die Of Hunger Tomorrow
  • Those who succeed in life are those who create a door out of a rock
  • When you were born, you look like your parents, but when you grow, you look like your decisions
  • Transformation is only possible when there is a physical reference
  •  Deliverance is the dislodging of darkness through light.
  • You can get more from his official twitter handle

Apostle  Joshua Selman’s top 22 messages

  1. Gaining Spiritual Stature (Part 1-3)
  2. Spiritual Awakening
  3. Christ-Centered Living
  4. Spiritual Growth
  5. Spiritual Intelligence Part One to Three
  6. The Altar of Prayer
  7. Spiritual Timings
  8. The Reality of Spiritual Laws
  9. Accessing the Deep Things of God
  10. Awake Thou that Sleepeth
  11. Discerning the Will of God
  12. Doers Of The Word
  13. Living Portals
  14. Knowing God Experientially
  15. The Protocol of an Encounter
  16. The-Travail
  17. Why Revivals Die
  18. Zoe – The Experience

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