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A cheerful heart

A cheerful heart 

Text: Proverbs 15:13: The cheerful heart is reflected in the face, the aching heart depresses the spirit.

There are days when we feel bad, fussy and cranky. It is true that there are many reasons to feel this way, but one of them is that we are sad. Our emotions can harm us a lot socially, professionally and even spiritually. As we see in today’s verse, when we have a cheerful heart it is reflected in the face and in our spirit before God and people. We need to let the Lord enter with his joy and fill our whole hearts.
When we allow God’s Word to renew our understanding daily, it also affects our emotions. If we constantly seek God through the sacred Bible and prayer, our emotions will be strengthened and more balanced in Christ. Thus the joy of God will inhabit our hearts making us more beautiful, happy and willing people. Fill your heart with the joy of God and his grace will beautify you!

Beautiful your face with a cheerful heart

  • The joy of God strengthens us, rejuvenates and even beautifies us. Be glad to have the Lord in your life! His presence is enough to brighten your heart throughout the day.
  • Pray to God and thank him for all that he has done and for all that he will do.
  • Read the Bible constantly. Seek total renewal in the Word of God. He will sustain your faith in daily difficulties and will not allow the enemy to steal your joy.
  • Keep in mind future hope. Trust the Lord and all His promises. He is the same, does not change and will not fail.
  • Share with the people around you the joy of belonging to the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Be gentle, smile and let the joy and love of God that inhabit your heart be noticed.


Lord, thanks for everything! I thank you because I recognize that you are everything I need to live happily every day. Through your Word, I learn to trust and rest in you. So I can have my heart full of a joy that is not temporary or depends on the circumstances. Help me to live fully the peace, joy, and love that you have given me. And that way, my life reflects the full joy of Christ to the world. In the name of Jesus, amen
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