How to Get Closer To God: 8 Steps to Connect with God

How to get closer to GodHow to get closer to God

Do you want to get closer to God? Do you feel like the distance between you and your creator is becoming greater with each day that passes? If so, then this blog post is for you. We will talk about 8 ways to connect with God and enjoy sweet fellowship with Him. These are all simple ways that anyone can do, no matter what their beliefs!
Connecting With Him and fuelling our fellowship with Him is the ultimate goal of our exercise

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How do I get closer to God? 8 Steps to Connect with God

If you are feeling distant from your Creator or need guidance and love in your life, the steps below will help.
Step One: Receive Jesus Christ as Your Lord and Savior
The first step is not a coincidence! When you acknowledge that sin separates us from God and that the only way to receive “eternal life” with Him is by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you are then able to start on a path of forgiveness.
Jesus died for our sins because He loved us (John 15:13). When we accept His love in exchange for ours, He empowers us! We are now “clean” in God’s eyes.
Step Two: Read the Bible Daily
Reading and meditating on God’s word is a way to grow closer to Him (Joshua 1:1). It should be done daily for at least 30 minutes (or one chapter of your favorite book). The more you read, the better understanding you will have of His love and “what He has done.”
God has given us His Word to help guide our faith, and it contains so much wisdom!
Step Three: Spend Time With God in prayers
Prayer is a way to get closer to Him. It should be done daily for at least five minutes (or one chapter of your favorite book). The more you pray, the better understanding you will have about “what He wants.”
Prayer time allows us to pour out our thoughts and feelings that we might not even share with friends or family members to someone who will listen without judgment (Mathew 6:6).
This exercise can take the form of thanking Him or telling Him about our difficulties. Prayer helps us get closer because it reminds us that He is always there for us no matter what (Hebrews 12:28-29).
Prayer should be done in “faith, not fear,” meaning that even if we don’t know what will happen, we can trust Him to answer.
Step Four: Give Yourself Completely To God
This step means committing everything–body, heart, mind. Such commitment requires faith because we can’t see Him. But such trust must be given “in order to be close.”
What this means is that we can’t just go through the motions. God wants us to give Him everything and trust in His love. (Mathew 22:37-40).
Step Five: Be heavenly minded
Living daily with the consciousness of eternity will help us to be more closer to God. Earthly things are temporary and will pass away, while the spiritual is eternal (Matthew 16:26). It’s important to cultivate an awareness of Heaven because God has a plan for us there that no one can ever interfere with.
For many people, this is the most difficult step. It’s often tempting to think of earthly things and not focus on what will happen after death, but it becomes a lot easier when we know that heaven awaits us.
Step Six: Make it your mission to spread the word
We need to make it our mission to share God’s love with others. It may be uncomfortable for some people, but if we don’t do anything about sharing hope and what God does in this world, then who will? The secret in doing this is that the more you help others to know Him, the more you want to get closer to Him.
Step Seven: Live a spirit controlled life
When our desire is to get closer to God, then we must be ready to allow Him total control over our lives. Allowing him full control means trusting in His word and obeying it no matter what comes our way.
Step Eight: Spend Time With other believers
When we spend time with other believers, our spiritual thoughts are reinforced and encouraged. This is a great way to stay on track spiritually-we can “do life” together! It also helps us grow in faith because of the encouragement given by those who have been there before us.
We can also learn from each other–we all have different perspectives and strengths.

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Things that hinder our fellowship with God

These are some of the things that affect our relationship with God :

  • Lack of faith and fear
  • Sinful life
  • Disobedience to God’s Word and commandments
  • Comparing ourselves to others
  • Not being obedient
  • Unresolved conflict with another person or in our own life.

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The Bible says, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” This is the most powerful promise in all of Scripture. It’s also a call from God for us to take ownership of our faith. We have found that it doesn’t matter what your current relationship with Him looks like or how far away you feel – we can help bridge the gap between where you are now and being close enough to talk face-to-face! Would you love to be more closer to Him? Contact us today with any questions regarding getting started on this journey together!

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