11 Tips for building a healthy relationship in the year 2021.

11 Tips for building a healthy relationship11 Tips for building a healthy relationship in the year 2021.

Have you ever tried a relationship that fails? Do you plan to embark on a lasting relationship that leads to marriage? Then you can afford to miss the information in this article as I will be addressing the evergreen 11 Tips for building a healthy relationship
Recently, someone posted in my group of close to 40k people on Facebook and asked whether there is still through love, and most people’s responses were nothing as such exist again. Each time I read through such comments, something that always comes to mind is that most people have been misinformed about what it entails to make relationships work.
I want you to release yourself as we consider together in this article how to make your relationship work in the year 2021. By applying the simple principles I will be sharing with you in this article, you will be saving yourself from a failing relationship.
So, let’s take the ride together into my 11 Tips for building a healthy relationship in the year 2021

How to make a relationship work- 11 healthy relationships to follow

1. Both parties must be committed to making it work.

Nothing ever succeeded by default. For any level of success, In anything in life, there is a commitment from the people involved. So also will no relationship work unless both parties involved are fully committed to its success.
The success of your relationship is the responsibility of both of you, and once one is lacking, the probability that the relationship will be successful is very low.
2. Don’t compare your relationship with others
Many relationships fail because we want our relationship to be like that of so so and so. Each relationship is unique and demands that we handle your relationship based on your peculiarities.
Even though it’s never a bad thing to learn from other people’s relationships, but never begin to use that as a mirror to judge your partner because it will do you more harm than good.
3. Love the Lord.
Often, we find it difficult to love our partners because we’ve not cultivated through love for God. Loving people might be challenging unless we’ve been through the school of love by God Himself. The more we love the Lord, the more His love flows from our hearts to the people around us, helping us to show undiluted love to such individuals.
How much do you love the Lord? That is where it all starts. He’s the true definition of love, and for your relationship to be successful, you need to learn the true concept of love by first loving the Lord, then your partner.
It’s in loving the Lord that you are enabled to love your partner without reservation

11 Tips for building a healthy relationship in the year 2021.

4. Respect yourself so that your partner can respect you.

How much value you placed on yourself is a pointer to whether your partner will respect you or not. It’s very rampant today to see ladies moved into their boyfriend’s house immediately she says yes to him, and they begin to live as husband and wife. Once you do that as a lady, you have painted a wrong picture about how valuable you are before the guy, and so you may never command his respect.
Some years ago, I knew of a   lady that left the apartment secured for her by her parents, all to come and be cohabiting with her boyfriend, who nearly turned her into a punching bag. Oftentimes, he will beat her so much that she will sustain an injury. And the ugliest part of the story was that after messing her up, the guy eventually parted with her and move on with another hot lady.
One of the greatest respect you can give yourself as a single is to abstain from sex with that person you are dating, stating it clear to your partner that until your wedding day, he/she have no right to your body. When you present yourself honorable before your partner, he/she will treat you like one. But when you made him/her see you as a cheap and anything goes type, the same way you shall be treated.

5. Understand that true love is made known by actions.

It is not enough to tell your partner you love him/her by word of mouth. Put that love into practice.
The greatest model of love that ever lived is Jesus, and He showed us the perfect example of true love as described in the book of Romans 5:8; “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us”.
To prove his love for us, he gave his life. Every true love must give in terms of values, not sex.

6. Don’t be over demanding

This is more applicable to the ladies; your partner is not your ATM, nor is your dad that you have to place all your needs on him when you are over-demanding. It causes you to lose your respect before your partner.
Respect yourself to be respected. Accept when he gives you, and when he doesn’t or do not have the capacity to, don’t put pressure on him. You are supposed to be a blessing to each other and not a burden.

7. Be the right person to attract the right partner.

Most of the time, people want to remain wrong and praying to attract the right. You are only going to attract your likes. If your life is wrong, then you need to make it right first; otherwise, you are likely to attract the wrong partner.

8. Neither you nor your partner is perfect.

Are you waiting for the perfect partner? Common, wake up or else, you may have to wait till eternity. The truth remains, there is no perfect partner anywhere under the heaven. It is the people involved that work towards helping each other get better.
All you need is to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses and begin to leverage more on the areas of your strengths. The more you feed your strengths, the more   your weaknesses diminish, and that way, you can bring out the desirable qualities in each other

9. Define the relationship from the beginning

An undefined relationship will likely end in pain. Let it be clear from day one of the relationships where your journey together is heading to. A lot of guys date ladies just for the immediate benefits. The same is applicable to many ladies. They never have the thought of settlement. In fact, that’s never part of their agenda. So if you are in a relationship with such a person, you may have to wait till eternity to make a plan for your settlement. That is why it is always very helpful to ask each other where we are heading with this relationship.

10. Avoid multiple choices or double dating

One of the greatest challenges of our time is double dating. A lady once told me that she can’t date a   single guy so that perhaps one of them disappoints, she wouldn’t have to suffer the pain of a broken relationship. Stating that she will rather go to the second person.
But, may I submit to you, nothing good can come out of such a lifestyle.
You need to put your mind together to be lead by the Lord and stick to whoever He has chosen for the

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11. Never underestimate the place of prayers 

The foundation on which your relationship is standing has a long way to tell whether such a relationship will stand the test of time and season.
Don’t just jump or rush into any relationship, but prayerfully seek the mind of God in prayers before doing so.
The rate marriages are failing today is so alarming; one of the key responsible factors is that most of such relationship was not founded by Him (God), and because of that, could not be sustained by Him.
My dear single, don’t allow the people around you to deceive you. Neither should you deceive yourself that it is an old school thing to be waiting to be led by the Lord on who to marry when you have your five senses.
Listen to me; marriage is full of ups and downs so much that if you rush into it, you might likely equally rush out of it. But not to rush out of it, wait patiently, and allow God to lead you.
Irrespective of what the world has turned into, the Lord still chooses husbands and wives for those who mind to consult Him.
Perhaps you have entered into it already without Him; you can still retrace your foot back to Him. It’s better the courtship breaks than for you to suffer a broken marriage.


These are my 11 Tips for building a healthy relationship in the year 2021, which I believe has worked for many and will equally work for you if properly adhere to.
I will love to connect with you perhaps you have any questions concerning any of the listed tips. Also, you may need a Godly guide on making your relationship choice, and I will love to help you.
If this article has blessed you, kindly let me know in the comment box. You can also do well to share with your friends in need of the same information.

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