Overcoming Emotional wounds

Overcoming Emotional woundsOvercoming Emotional wounds

A wound is any damage that causes a break or opening in the skin. Wounds can heal up over time and through treatment. Others, on the contrary, take longer to heal. Just as there are physical wounds, there are also emotional wounds, but how are those wounds healed? Every living being has, at one point in our lives, has suffered emotional wounds.
In the same way that physical wounds leave visible scars on the body, emotional wounds often leave scars that are manifested in the attitude and personality of the person. In general, this occurs when emotional problems are passed over, thinking that they will resolve themselves.
When we are not able to face and resolve situations, pain becomes part of our interior, causing us to accept those negative emotions as part of our daily life, and that causes a wound. It is essential to understand that time does not heal everything.

How can you Overcome Emotional wounds?

  • Recognize Emotional Wounds.

We recognize the physical wound when we see the scar on our body. Quickly that memory of how it happened comes to our mind. The same happens with those emotional wounds, unconsciously when you see that person who harmed or when you experience a similar situation, the memory of how you felt at that moment, how much it hurt, and sometimes that injury and other emotions associated with it are activated.
That is why it is essential to recognize these emotional wounds and allow them to be healthy since emotions take control of a painful experience and prevent us from being objective and rational, and that makes us unable to accept and face the situation.
Another thing that not healing emotional wounds does is that it causes problems with self-esteem and resentment. Not recognizing those wounds allows thoughts to come to your mind and negatively dominate your will and hinders you from being that person that God has designed you to be and that you can love and let yourself be loved as you deserve and no less.
And if it is true that wounds produce changes, it is up to us which changes we want to experience or which we want to show, positive or negative. Whether each situation is good or bad has a teaching that we must recognize.

“Heal those who are heartbroken and bandage their wounds. ” (Psalm 147: 3)

  • Everything works for the better.

The Bible is full of many examples of people who, through injuries, experienced changes in their lives—letting us know that sometimes it is necessary to go through difficult times to learn something and be better than we are.

“We know that God works in every situation for the good of those who love him, those who have been called by God according to his purpose.” (Rom 8:28)

God uses everything that happens to us for our good and thus fulfil his purpose even if we feel that the wound is too deep. Perhaps today you have wounds from the past inside you or wounds that have reached your heart due to recent situations, but if you look around you, there is someone who may be going through something that you have already experienced, and only you can understand that person.
Remember that no one who has not gone through a divorce will understand how someone feels going through the same thing, a loss of a relative, a child in problematic situations, battered women, children with anxiety and stress, homosexuality in the family, illness, economy where the feeling of guilt, failure, helplessness, loneliness, sadness, shame, low self-esteem and other negative emotions that come when these situations knock on a person’s door.

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Only those who go through some of these things will understand that when we love God, even in that situation, that seems to be ugly. He makes all things work together for our good.
In this case, going through moments where we suffer the pain of an emotional wound and allowing it to be healed is synonymous with learning and growth since then, we see how that wound was left only a scar as proof that it produced instead for the better.

Allow your wounds to make a change and bring hope to other lives.

Overcoming Emotional wounds: The Wound That Brought an Eternal Change.

God gave us an example that hurts can make a difference. He suffered many wounds to bring a change to this humanity. His wounds gave us freedom, healing, peace, security, and salvation, restoring communication between man and his creator, God.
Don’t let the past dominate your present, much less define your future. Transform that wound into a positive change and that scar an example that everything works and will work for good when we put God as our healer and comforter.

“Actually he was pierced due to our rebellion. He was bruised by the evils that we did. The punishment he received made our well-being possible. His wounds made us heal. ” (Isa 53: 5)

Injections of hope for you.

Starting to live a free life and taking that wound as an experience to continue growing and being a woman with identity, security, emotionally healthy is the best decision you can make to give hope to your generation.

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God has forgiven us, and he receives us as we are, perhaps with wounds, broken hearts, without reason to live, with a past that shames and accuses us, but his immense love and mercy is capable of transforming all that into an experience for help others who today need a helping hand and restoration.
Allow your wounds to make a change and bring hope to other lives.
God invites you to meditate on his love, to take care of your thoughts, do not allow the enemy to damage your interior and continue to make an even deeper wound, instead let it heal and be only a scar.

“Anyway, brothers, think of all that is true, noble, correct, pure, beautiful and admirable. Also think about what has some virtue, what is worthy of recognition. Keep your mind busy on that. ” (Philippians 4: 8)


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