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Be loyal, love, and trust in God

Be loyal, love, and trust in God pixBe loyal, love, and trust God

But you must turn to your God, practice love and justice, and always trust him.
(Hosea 12: 6)

Loyalty is a bit of a rare quality these days. It is a virtue allied with other important qualities such as faithfulness, honesty (1 Peter 3: 2), and good character. The person reveals his loyalty through how he deals with other people, how he fulfills his commitments, and remains faithful to his principles.

God is faithful and loyal! Every good testimonial must have loyalty as a fundamental characteristic. It is up to us, the followers of Christ, to be loyal to God and the people in our midst.

Unfortunately, in all areas of life, there will always be many temptations to fall into corruption, betrayal, and infidelity. But all who are saved must stand firm in the Word of God and be true to the solid values ​​set by God.

When we are loyal we bear more fruit, we lead others to Christ and we are salt of the earth. God is pleased with those who are honest and loyal (Jeremiah 9:24). Practice loyalty and justice and be blessed.

Always trust in God

  • The Bible strengthens our faith and keeps us true to His Word. The more we read it, the more we strengthen our loyalty to God.
  • When our testimony is fair and upright, we remove bad situations such as the opportunity to betray, corruption, and infidelity.
  • It reflects the loyalty that God has with us. He is faithful and is the source of all justice. Whoever follows Christ must reflect all to his glory.


Lord Jesus, thank you very much for your loyalty and your love. You were faithful to the end and by your grace I was reached. Teach me according to your righteousness to be loyal, love, and trust in You at all times. Amen.

Kehinde Pius

I'm Kehinde Pius, a missionary with a burning passion for the lost. I'm a Church planter, Digital ministry mentors coach, freelance write, and blogger. Pius with his wife reside in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria

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