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Is Masturbation a Sin?

Is masturbation a sin? pixIs Masturbation a Sin?

Masturbation, a sweet trap!

Have you ever heard about Masturbation?
Simple word!
A seemingly simple word, but one that has a significant impact on physical and spiritual well-being. Defined as a sexual practice, consisting of inducing sexual pleasure through stimulation of the genital or other erogenous zones, usually using hands, or some other objects such as dildos, sex toys. [1]
Masturbation is practiced by a significant number of singles as well as some married. The median age of first Masturbation is estimated to be 12 years. Boys are 13 to 14 years old when they masturbate the most; more than the half of the boys who started masturbating discovered the mechanism alone, often by chance; that at 13 years old, one boy in 5 has already participated in group masturbation with one or more friends, while third teens aged 13-15 would like to try this experience. In the USA and Canada in the 1960s, a survey (the « Kinsey Report») showed that at 15 years of age, the proportion of young men who masturbated was 82,2 % and women24,9 %.
At 18, that figure reached 95,4 % for men and 46,3 % for women. That said, today, the number will likely be higher. [1], [2]
For many (teens and adults), the Masturbation is seen as harmless and safe. Daniel* an adult confides in saying:” I feel very comfortable doing this in my room, this is a way to show some love to myself.” ; Helene is a young Christian, she said:” I feel more guilty when I sleep with a man than when I masturbate in the shower.”; Paul, who is a Christian singer, confided:” my long journey prevents me from being in permanent physical contact with my wife, so I masturbate to avoid infidelity, more important to protect my reputation because I don’t want to destroy my gift.”
[1] and [2] :
* For the sake of anonymity, the names have been changed.

Is Masturbation a sin according to the Bible?

What about you? How do you view it? Do you also think Masturbation is a better way to avoid infidelity? Do you feel less guilty when you masturbate than when you sleep with somebody?
Like many, it may happen that you too masturbate for one of the reasons mentioned by our three witnesses, but the questions we have to ask is: What does God think? Is masturbating so harmless? Does it help so much?
Most Christians, especially single men, and women frequently masturbate sometimes even on the day of religious services, some of them take it as an excuse to get away from their stress just much like an alcoholic uses alcohol.
A young unmarried Christian pastor said:” the Masturbation is like this rebellious child that we punish in public but encourage in secret.” And this despises that (Masturbation) is a practice reprobated in the Christian religion.

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Is Masturbation a Sin?: God’s thought

In the 66 books contained in the Bible, the word Masturbation does not appear there; but does this why we must say this does not bother our God? The Bible says,” … God says: let us create man in our image and our likeness…” Gen 1:26
You have understood that we are talking about creation. God made Everything for five days, but his joy was not perfect, so he thought about something unique and more critical than Everything that already existed. That something special was a heap of ash in which he put his breath, which became a man. You are a maximum expression of the love of God and who says love, says reciprocal feelings. God expects in return that you can love him. How to love God? When you show interest in him as you would do for a woman or a man that attracts you; when you respect him as you would do for someone who has a high rank than you; you listen to his advice as you would do for someone important to you; when you show him your gratitude as you would do with someone who donated to you.
Do you think masturbating is an excellent way to say thank you to God? Would you touch your private part to say thank you to God? Is that respectful?
No, of course! So let’s understand that God does not approve this. 1 Corinthians 6:12:” Everything is permitted to me, but all is not useful…” As the image of God, we identify with Him. His values are ours, so something which is not helpful for him, it’s not necessarily useful for us. A man of God said once:” Whenever I’m faced with a decision to make, I wonder: what would have been the decision of Jesus Christ?” And you? Do you think just would be masturbating with you? If not, understand that when you masturbate, you are offending God.

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Masturbation is a sin in Christianity!

Pro 16:30 ” He shutteth his eyes to devise froward things: moving his lips he bringeth evil to pass.”, The Masturbation implies imagination, which is perverse thoughts that consist already a consumption of evil” as says a sexologist:” the sexual intercourse begins in the head before being expressed by sexual organs.” Masturbation is a form of sexual immorality.
On this subject, the apostle Paul says in the Bible:” Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body, but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.” 1 Co 6:18, Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, thus soiling it, you drive out the Holy Spirit, and like an abandoned house, you are exposed to all forms of visitors, in your case, you are exposed to sexual demons called incubus and succubus called husband and wife at night. These demons will steal your vital energy, which will have an impact on your life because of the harmful waves they bring, such as Celibacy, Sexual weakness, unemployment, sexual addiction, and the worse still the Death and the Hell.
The Bible says,” … The immodest will not inherit the kingdom of Heaven.”  1 Co 6:9

Let’s answer the questions above

  1. Is Masturbation the only way to avoid the infidelity for the married?

No! It’s not before men that we have to respond to our actions but before God. We were not made in the image of our husbands and wives but the image of God. Jesus said:” He who loves his Father and his mother more than me is not worthy of me…” Mat 10:37 So is he who fears men in place of God, and it’s more severe infidelity when one is afraid of one’s spouse at the expense of God.

  1. Is Masturbation a way to give love to yourself?

False! Would you drink a deadly poison to give yourself love? Surely not! Masturbation ruins your relationship with God, and Masturbation destroys your life. Funny way of showing love, isn’t it?

  1. Masturbating makes you feel less guilty than sleeping with somebody?

Lie! The devil is the Father of lying (see John 8:44); he targets your thoughts and uses lies to manipulate you; the devil wants you to disobey God. To do this, he will never ask you openly to disobey Him (God), but he will manipulate you so that this is possible. Mensonge!
Remember, Masturbation is some kind of fornication. It prevents God from seeing you, and it deprived you of Paradise. No need to tell you that you are guilty!

  1. Is Masturbation a way to get away from stress?

You do not exist by your own will. You were created in his image, which means that he loves you more than Everything, just like you would love a child looking like you. When you go to an unknown place, wouldn’t you stop and ask for directions? Likewise, when you are stressed or blocked, pray! It’s better than Masturbation.

Trust your heavenly Father, and show some respect to Him!

Masturbation is not as harmless as it looks; it’s a sweet and dangerous trap that deprives your relationship with your heavenly Father and ruins your life! It Rob’s you Everything, and it exposes you to the demonic power, the next time you find yourself faced this, think about Jesus, pray, he can appease your desires. Do not stay isolated, sing aloud, read books, talk to someone of confidence, and the most important, talk to God.
Oh, are you still not sure if it is a sin to masturbate? Remember, not only is masturbation a sin in Christianity, It’s equally a mortal sin, but the good news is that you can be helped to overcome masturbation. Yes! many people have been helped and yours can’t be an exception. The power in the name of Jesus and the cleansing of His blood is all you need to pick up your life back from the trap of masturbation?

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Written by: Dr Samuel J. Bivula
(+243) 819968019
Kinshasa/DR Congo

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