Knowing God Personally

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Knowing God Personally

Text: Philippians 3.12-21
The best that can happy to a man is for him to know God personally. Therefore, in our devotion today, we shall be looking into the require steps to knowing God personally.
Our salvation is a gift to us by accepting the provision of God through Christ Jesus. But, each of us has the responsibility to play in knowing Him more and more and growing from a mere confession about Him into a conviction that He is genuinely what His word says about Him.
Therefore, today, we shall be considering the importance of creating quality time to fellowship with God through His word if truly we desire an in-depth revelation of Him in day to day lives.
No matter where you are at this time in your walk with Christ, it is never too late to seek a deeper relationship with Him. Whether you are a passionate follower of Christ or know him only superficially, you would do well to follow Paul’s advice, from “[continue] to the goal, to the prize of the supreme call of God in Christ Jesus” (Phil 3.14).
“Pressing on toward” here, according to Apostle   Paul, means to exert deliberate, a maximum effort to reach or attain a goal. Our ultimate goal as God’s children is that we know Him more personally and intimately

Six Crucial  steps for knowing God personally:

  1. Study the Bible. No one can know God without His Word, because He speaks to us through it, showing us who He is and what He does.
  2. Prepare to spend time alone with the Lord in prayer, meditation, and worship. One of the main reasons why many Christians do not have a close relationship with Jesus is because they are not willing to invest the time necessary to get to know him personally.
  3. Trust in the Lord. The depth of any relationship depends on the level of trust (Proverbs 3:5-6; Hebrew 13:8; Psalms 9:10).
  4. Obey him. When we take every step of obedience, God reveals more of himself (John 14:15; 2John 1:6; John 15:14).
  5. Notice how Christ works in your life. By paying attention to how the Lord acts, you will become familiar with his ways and his purposes.
  6. Make Jesus your priority. Put aside everything that competes with your devotion to the Lord. Knowing Christ is an attainable goal. The key is perseverance; therefore, leave the past behind.


Dear Jesus, I desire to know You personally and to grow in Your divine love, please give me unquenchable hunger for You. I pray in Jesus name.

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