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The strength you need

The strength you need pixThe strength you need

Text: Isaiah 40:29: He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

Only God is able to restore our strength in an effective way. The Christian life is not easy. There are times when we are tired to the point that nothing can revive us, not a good sermon or advice. We cannot rule out that this could happen to us.
When we are tired at that level there is only one recourse: to ask God with faith and sincerity to restore our strength and give us encouragement. Only God is capable of strengthening what is weak and giving strength where there is no energy. God is the inexhaustible source of power.
When the prophet Isaiah gave this word to his people, it was an energetic response from God to discouragement and weakness. There were no demands on the promise, God would act without reservation. And in situations like this, when there are much discouragement and weariness, God is faithful in his actions.
What we must do is recognize the reality of God’s power and ask for His intervention without hesitation. God restores the weary, strengthens the weak. It is enough to trust in Its power and cry out to it for it to work.

We need God

  • Open your heart and put your situation before God. Perhaps this moment can be the perfect time for you to give yourself into the hands of God, trusting fully in his power. Read this: You must be born again
  • Even if you feel with little strength, go ahead in faith, in a spirit of prayer seeking the presence of God. Stay tuned to hear his voice.
  • Take time to read the Word of God. The Bible is the “energetic” of the Christian. It is the fastest way to feed your spirit.

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God, You are the source of all power! I am weak and tired, but I trust You. I believe in Your power. There is nothing impossible for You. You are able to completely transform my life. Strengthen my soul, please. In the name of Jesus, amen.

One year Bible reading plan: Day 91 – Judges 6-7

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