Do not love the world

Do not love the world

Text: 1 John 2:15: Do not love the world or anything in it. If someone loves the world, he does not have the love of the Father.

When the Bible mentions the “world” it can refer to the physical planet where we live, to all nations, to the human race or, as in this case, to the corrupt system of things and values ​​of this fallen world. In today’s verse, love of the world speaks of interest and attachment to everything that gives rise to pride, selfishness and other sins. The desire and admiration for the attractiveness of the world will oppose the love and dedication we must give to God and his will.
Observe in your life the activities, ideas, feelings, or hobbies, everything that has taken God’s place in your heart. What do you spend more time, effort and money on? Remove the idols that are in your heart. It is not bad to dream of having better things in life. The problem comes when those same things become the most important thing for you. The love of the Father must be the first thing in your heart. Everything else is an addition, not the main thing.

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Dedicate your love to the right cause:

  • Pray and ask God to help you identify the worldly areas or trends to which you have bowed.
  • Ask for forgiveness if you know that you have loved the world more than him. Try to always live with the goal of having God in the first place of your heart.
  • Take care that simple everyday things do not become idols in your life: relationships, money, leisure, social status, vices, etc.
  • Read the Bible and learn how to love God more. Reserve a moment each day to read and meditate.
  • There is nothing and no one in this world that deserves our love more than God.

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Beloved Father, I need you. Forgive me for feeling so attracted to the things of this bad world. Help me to keep my eyes steady on Jesus Christ and to love the things that really matter in this life. May the love of the Father remain in me and may I love you above all things. In the name of Jesus, amen.

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