12 qualities of the virtuous woman

12 qualities of the virtuous woman

A virtuous woman is a blessed woman who lives according to God’s principles and according to His will. When a woman gives her whole life to the service of the Lord, she becomes a blessing, someone who makes a difference in the life of her family and that of others.

Characteristics of a virtuous woman- Proverbs 31

Here are some verses from the Bible in which we see the 12 qualities of the virtuous woman
1. Valuable
How does she obtain this much value? Her value does not emanate from the volume of possessions she has, but one that arises from within, from a heart full of God’s love, that seeks to bless others with their behavior and their words.
2. Reliable
Her husband can be calm and confident because he knows that in her heart, there is good, the desire to do what is right. This brings blessing to them as a marriage and as a family.

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3. Worker
Use her talents and skills working hard to provide for your family. Plan her day well, and make the most of it.
4. Good administrator
She uses her resources well without wasting or leaving things to chance.  As a good ambassador, she manages wisely everything within her disposal, she invests her time and resources well to get the most benefit.
5. Generous
She is committed to those in need around her and shares her blessings with them. She has a generous heart and delights in helping others, remembering how much God is also helping her.
6. Set a good example
She is passionate about doing good, her kind heart and the excellent example she sets even under challenging circumstances.
7. Fearful of the Lord
She knows that the most important thing is the fear of the Lord, to live according to his will and his commands. She does not seek to impress others with her outward beauty but is distinguished by her desire to please God.
8. She is wise in making the right decisions
Make wise decisions that build and bless your family. She knows that her attitude can make the sunshine in the heart of the family or the storm unleashes, and choose the first option.
9. Brings joy and pride to her husband
She is a woman who, with her joy, wisdom, and optimism, adorns her husband. He feels happy and proud to have her by his side.
10. She is a gift from God
She is never a burden to her husband, rather, her husband always considered himself lucky to have her because she always delights his heart and makes him proud.
11. Her beauty flows from within
She guides her outward appearance generously and seeks to honor God with her whole being. Her emphasis is on having a heart that pleases God, on cultivating the beauty that flows from within, and this is of more reward to her than lavishing herself with outward beauty leaving the inner person unattended to.
12. Instruct and encourage the youngest
As she grows in age, she learned to please God as a woman and as a wife. And as a good example, she is committed to sharing her knowledge and wisdom with the younger women and encourages them to seek that God is glorified in their lives.


Truly there are several women in the world, but there are only a few virtuous women, and the bible says it’s only the virtuous women that shall be praised. As you evaluate yourself in the mirror of God’s word according to these 12 qualities of the virtuous woman, can you convincingly says that you are a virtuous woman? If not yet, what do you intend to begin to do differently to become one?
Please share this article with the women in your network and let’s fill our world with virtuous women. God bless you as you do so.

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