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Get closer to God

Get closer to God

Text: James 4:8: Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners;  and purify your hearts, you double-minded.
(James 4: 8)

Our God is alive and wants to dwell in our hearts. But for him to remain in our hearts, we must have a change of attitude. God cannot live in the heart of one who is pleased with lies or lives in sin. Therefore, we must separate ourselves from sinful practices and dedicate ourselves to faith. The kingdom of God is reached by those who strive and cling to it (Matthew 11:12) and the first step is the cleansing of our hearts.
The apostle James shows us the importance of purifying our hearts to approach the Father. First, James tells sinners that they should clean their hands. This tells us that we need to review our actions. We must turn our hands towards the practice of good works, and our attitudes must be consistent with what we believe.
Another highlight is the importance of purifying our hearts. To purify the heart is to have firm faith in Christ. When we meditate and hear the Word of God, all impurities of doubt go away. By strengthening our faith, our heart focuses only on Christ, and there is no more room for a divided mind.
That change of attitude proposed by the apostle brings good results: we approach God, and he approaches us. He loves us and wants to be with us, but that change in attitude needs to happen for us to be full of his power.

Draw nearer to God, and he will draw nearer to you:

  • Examine yourself, analyze your testimony. Identify the areas in which you can change your attitude.
  • Seek the Lord in prayer. Ask God for forgiveness for attitudes that do not come from him.
  • Read the Bible. This is the best way to strengthen your faith and purify your heart.
  • The more you get closer to God, the more of Him becomes available for you to enjoy


Lord, I want to get closer to you. Mold my heart, remove doubts from my mind. I want to walk in your ways and be transformed. I give you my heart. Fill me with your power and favor. In the name of Jesus, amen.

One year Bible reading plan: Day 36 – Exodus 19-21

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